The FIGHT CLUB is our men's group that meets on most Thursdays of the month. We eat together, pray together, fast together, study God's word together and hold each other accountable.  


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FIght Club Ministry

night of prayer

This night is for the men of Fight Club to bring their wives or loved ones to share a night of intimate time of prayer together with the Lord. 


Second Sundays a 6pm. Check our calendar for dates.


First Friday Fast

The men of Fight Club Fast every First Friday of the month.

We would love to have you join us. 

We would love to Pray for you during our fast.

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The men of Fight Club have commited to read the Bible together this year. Click more info for our plan, download and app. 


take 5

What is Take 5? Click more info to find out



As men we are created in God’s image. The image of the Lion of Judah. The image of a Warrior God! We can live this out for ourselves, for our families, and we can help influence this for generations to come. But we all struggle. We struggle with temptations, stress, pressure and over all, SIN. This struggle can and will lead us off course and keep us from being the authentic men and warriors that God has made us to be. Sin can take the will to fight out of us and make us passive like Adam and the first sin that led to the fall.

Every man can be great, be authentic, and live in this victory our Savior Jesus Christ died to give us.  It will, however require a fight. We must hit hard, hit fast and hit often. In other words, wholeheartedly, without passivity and constantly. We must FIGHT!

Men are born with this fight in his heart, we are born from the blood of a LION. We just have to embrace it and make sure we are fighting for the right things.

As our brother Nehemiah said, “Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your families, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.”

And in the words of the Apostle Paul said, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”


We have the burning desire to be men who fight and win for what matters the most. We must wake up to the fact we cannot fulfill the destiny God has designed for us alone. This why we have The Fight Club. We stand together to form the wall around our hearts like Nehemiah did for his city. The City is our Hearts and the Wall is our brotherhood.


We must claim this victory and fight for it daily. We must hold each other accountable that we are fighting for these things:

1. We Fight for our walk with God.
2. We Fight for our heart (character).
3. We Fight for our family.
4. We Fight for our brother.

The Bible tells us we have an enemy willing to kill, steal, and destroy us and everything we love. Like a lion he prowls around us. A lion will attack the weakest and those that stray away from a herd. A group of men herding around each other like the Fight Club is one of the best ways to fend this off, and fight for lives, family and brothers.


The Fight Club is a place where brotherhood and encouragement unite. Our focus is accountability and staying focused on our fight while avoiding the enemy’s ploys that can easily take us out. The Fight Club is not a Bible study  though we do read and study the Bible and pray  together. We are just a group of men gathered together to love one and another as brothers should and share with each honestly to prevent the same evil from happen again and to each other. We encourage men to be honest and vulnerable about the battles they are facing and the real state of their lives.Ultimately, we are a place for men to gather as a brotherhood, share our seasons, and help each other win this FIGHT!