What is Run for God?

Run For God is an organization that uses running to help people connect their passion for running to their faith.

What is the Run For God 5K Challenge?

The Run For God 5K Challenge is a 12-week Bible study that focuses on endurance and faith. The course is designed to allow anyone the opportunity to run a 5K—regardless of fitness level—and draws parallels between a physical race and our journey with God.

What does running have to do with faith?

The passion that comes with running can make the sport seem a little selfish. The good news is that Run For God offers you the opportunity to use your passion for running to impact others as an instructor. If you feel like you've been lead to share your passion for running and the word of God, don't miss this opportunity to help others find Christ.

We are partnering with Arrows Academy of Georgia for the Run for GOD 5k Challenge​. We will begin on  April 1. Registration is now open​. The Cost will $25 for the book.​ We will meet at the Desktop and run at Swift Cantrell Park


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